Trace 5×50 digital NighT Vision monocular

The 12 Survivors Trace 5×50 Digital Night Vision Monocular is perfectly suited for a wide range of applications for outdoor enthusiasts and an ideal tool for observation and security during camping excursions. The Trace is equipped with a built-in video recorder that delivers 800×600 pixel resolution and can connect to your PC with a USB cable to transfer your recorded information. The monocular is outfitted with a built-in IR illuminator which significantly improves the device’s efficiency during low-light conditions and in the dark.

Observe and Report

Operating on two AA batteries for up to 10 hours with a detection range of up to 140 meters, the Trace Digital Night Vision Monocular offers peace of mind when things go bump in the night. With SD card USB connectivity, the tripod-mountable Trace is ready to be your nighttime sentry.

Easy Controls

One button to turn on. One button for the IR illuminator. Super easy one button to record.

Night Owl

Featuring a highly sensitive CCD array with a wide range of working illuminance, the Trace is also equipped with a built-in iR illuminator to help you see clearly during those dark times.

12 Survivors Trace 5×50 Digital NV Monocular – TS18053

Making nighttime observation easy, the Trace will help you Go Ready even when the sun goes down.

12 Survivors Trace Digital NV Monocular Specifications  (Click Here)



Type of CCD array

ICX-450AL, 1/3″

Carrying case

Camera resolution (pixels)


Hand strap

Display resolution (pixels)


SD memory card

Built-in video recorder


USB cable

Format of video clip


Lens cleaning cloth

Resolution of video clip



Type of memory card

SD (4Gb max)

Capacity of memory card

About 40 minutes

USB type

miniUSB 2.0



Lens diameter (mm)


Field of view (m@100m)


IR emitter


IR wavelength

810 ± 10

Detection range

140 meters

Battery type

2x AA

Battery life (without IR)

10 hours

Battery life (with IR)

6 hours

Battery life (with IR in record mode)

3 hours

Battery life (without IR in record mode)

4 hours

Body material

ABS plastic

Tripod mount (inch)


Waterproof rating

IPX4 water resistant

Dimensions (mm)


Weight (oz)



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