12 Survivors Ignite-110 Headlamp

12 Survivors Ignite-110 Headlamp

Product ID: TS23003

  • 110 Lumen LED
  • SOS Red Light. ABS Plastic
  • Glow in the dark button
  • 3-stage push on/mode switch/off
  • Motion sensor
  • 6 Settings: Motion Sensor
  • 110 Lumens
  • 75 Lumens
  • 50 Lumens
  • 50 Lumens

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Product Description

Whether you’re heading off the grid for a weekend adventure or in survival mode searching for a way out, the 12 Survivors Ignite 110 Headlamp lights the way.Built to last with rugged, dependable IP54 waterproof ABS plastic construction and robust operation buttons, the 12 Survivors Ignite 110 Headlamp is GO READY for any situation, in nearly any environment. The Ignite 110 headlamp boasts an ultra-bright 3-watt 110 lumen LED capable of a maximum beam throw 105 meters, a glow-in-the-dark 3-stage push-on/mode/off switch and 6 operating modes: Motion sensor, 110 lumen (high), 75 lumens (mid), 50 lumens (low), S.O.S. and red light. The red LED is perfect for movement without spooking wildlife or compromising night vision.

The 12 Survivors Ignite 110 Headlamp is powered by (3) AAA batteries and delivers runtimes of 5 hrs. at 110 lumens, 7.5 hrs. at 75 lumens and 10 hrs. at 50 lumens for long lasting torch and signaling reliability.Lightweight and compact, with a body size of just 2.5” x 2.2” x 1.5”, the 12 Survivors Ignite 110 Headlamp, complete with a comfortable, adjustable, one-size-fits-all head strap, is the perfect hands-free flashlight for prepping, camping, hunting, hiking and even late-night outdoor work.

Included in Package
  • Adjustable head strap
Batteries Used

Type: AAA

Quantity: 3