CATEGORY : Survival and Emergency Kits

Paracord Survival Orb

When nature calls, the 12 Survivors Paracord Survival Orb equips you with the tools you need to survive...

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Paracord Survival Band

Survive the elements with the 12 Survivors Paracord Survival Band. Whether in need of fire,

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Paracord Survival Pod

Defy the odds of survival in emergency situations with the new 12 Survivors Paracord

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Mini Bug Out Box

Keep the odds of survival on your side with the 12 Survivors Mini Bug Out Box. When you need it most,...

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Mini Medic 60 Piece First Aid Kit

The 12 Survivors Mini Medic 61-Piece First Aid Kit is the perfect set of first aid essentials for any...

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Fish and Fire Emergency Kit

Offering the basic tools needed to start a fire and fish for food, the 12 Survivors™ FNF (Fish and...

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Fuel Disk - 3 Pack

Fuel your fire with a Fuel Disk 3 Pack from 12 Survivors! Made in the USA from 100% recycled...

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