• Shear locking mechanism
  • 5 Tools: Sheath, Weeding tool, Pruning Knife, Wood Saw, Serrated Blade
  • Spring loaded handle

The 12 Survivors Pocket Harvester is a Zebra Wood grip, stainless steel multi-tool that includes five gadgets, perfect for the naturalist within. The 12 Survivors Pocket Harvester equips users with endless options ranging from cultivation and harvesting, to setting up game traps. Use the 12 Survivors Pocket Harvester for scavenging berries or fasten the attachable spade to dig for a clean water source. The wood saw and shearing tool can be utilized to gather twigs and small branches for fire starting or shelter building. Take advantage of the pruning knife and weeding tool to gather roots and plants for healing properties to treat wounds or concoct medicine. Whether hiking, camping or surviving the elements, the 12 Survivors Pocket Harvester is useful to bring on any adventure.

  • Dimensions (Folded Flat) - 4.6x1.5x.92 inches
  • Dimensions (Open) - 7.75x2.69x.92 inches
  • Material - Stainless Steel 420 and Zebra Wood
  • Number of Pieces - 5
  • Weight, oz - 10.9

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