• Lightweight, heavy-duty, 100% polyester daisy-chain straps
  • Perfect for hanging a 12 Survivors Hammock
  • Compatible with 12 Survivors Hammock carabiners
  • Provides a large range of adjustment for different spacing between trees

12 Survivors Tree Nook Straps are the perfect solution to hanging the 12 Survivors Hammock. Designed for peace-of-mind, each 100% polyester daisy-chain strap measures 10’L x 1”W and holds up to 300 lbs. 12 Survivors Hammock Straps are perfectly compatible with the carabiners included with the 12 Survivors Hammock. The total carry weight for two straps is just 16.9 oz. 12 Survivors Hammock Straps also are included in the 12 Survivors Hammock Kit (TS75004K).

  • Dimensions - 10ftx1in
  • Material - Polyester
  • Weight - 16.9oz

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