The 12 Survivors Ultralite Mini First-Aid Kit is designed to be the most lightweight first-aid rollup kit possible without compromising on the kit itself or the contents inside. In order to do so, the kit is constructed of lightweight moisture-wicking honeycomb ripstop nylon. This provides the kit and its contents protection from damage and the normal wear and tear any unit experiences through use and travel.

Honeycomb Ripstop

Constructed of Honeycomb Ripstop nylon, the Ultralight Mini First Aid Kit is built to be rigid and get through any misadventure.

6 Separate Zipper Compartments

Provided with 90 pieces of various saftey supplies, these first aid supplies come well organized and easy-to-find in six interior zipper pockets, allowing them to be restocked with new first aid necessities.

Moisture Wicking

Keep the elements out with the 12 Survivors built-in moisture wicking technology. 


Designed to be the lightest med kit out on the market without sacrificing the content inside, the 12 Survivors Ultralight Mini First Aid Kit weighs in just under a pound!

12 Survivors UltraLight Mini First Aid Kit

Whether you’re a soccer mom preparing for your child’s upcoming bumps and bruises or a casual weekend hiker, the 12 Survivors UltraLite First Aid Kit provides you with the essentials to get through any misadventure. Weighing less than a single pound, the UltraLite First Aid Kit provides 90 pieces of various safety supplies including bandages, gauze, alcohol pads, scissors, tweezers, tape and moleskin. Wrapped in a moisture wicking, Honeycomb ripstop rollup kit, these first aid supplies come well organized and easy-to-find in six interior zipper pockets, allowing them to be restocked with new first aid necessities.

90-Piece Kit Includes: 




The 12 Survivors First Aid Rollup Kit offers the basics in life saving medical intervention. Its contents will treat injuries ranging from the basic knee scrape to the life threatening extremity hemorrhage and offer you the ability to provide the intervention necessary to save a life. The kit unrolls to reveal zipped pouches for organized storage and do-it-yourself labels so you can easily identify all of your supplies under critical stress. 

Skin N' Bones Field Dressing Kit


The 12 Survivors 8-pc Skin N’ Bones Field Dressing Kit makes processing your game fast and easy. This unique 5Cr15MOV stainless steel knife kit includes caper, gut hook and fillet knives, a bone saw, ribcage spreader, TPR rubber-coated handheld sharpener, protective gloves and a rugged nylon carrying case complete with removable inserts for easy cleaning and MOLLE straps for quick attachment to your pack.



Designed to keep you alive, the compact, lightweight 12 Survivors Paracord Pod features 30 essential first aid and survival items. The kit includes a fishing and snare rig, fire starter rod and striker kit complete with tinder, a compass, mini-carabiner, warning and safety whistle, and 40 ft. of rugged 7-strand paracord capable of being stripped to 275 ft.