Surviving Severe Cold Weather

The record-breaking Winter Storm Grayson has passed, but it effects still linger. It has left behind winter weather advisories, flooding, airport delays, continued freezing temperatures,… Read More

Ultra-Tough, UltraLite Mini First-Aid Kit

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2017/11/28) – Inspired by the need for a lightweight and compact first-aid rollup kit and supplies that satisfy both the soccer mom and minimalist hiker, 12 Survivors announces the newest addition to their popular line of first-aid rollup kits, the UltraLite First-Aid Kit (TS42004R). Read More

Reap More Than You Sow With the 12 Survivors Pocket Harvester

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2017/01/10) – Some rely on store-bought food for their day-to-day survival. For others, farming or scavenging can provide the fuel for both routine activities and stimulating adventures. If your lifestyle calls for a versatile, do-all survival tool, 12 Survivors has your back with the Pocket Harvester (TS72002B). Read More