13 Best Items to Stockpile

By Suzanne Wiley

We know that water, non-perishable food, alternative cooking sources, first aid, flashlights, shelter and warm clothing are all essential to an emergency survival kit. But what about long-term survival needs?

In a long-term disaster, it could be months or even years without electricity, utilities or running water. The supply chain would stop, goods would vanish and without city services, we would quickly realize how much waste we produce.

Are you prepared to survive a long-term event? These 13 items will be good to stockpile to not only use for yourself but to barter with others.
Are you prepared to survive a long-term event?

The average prepper will anticipate long-term needs and many already have stored grains, rice, beans and even seeds. However, those who aren’t into extreme prepping or survival keep about three days’ worth of emergency supplies. Depending on the situation, first responders, shelters, and the military may provide relief but after a few weeks, you’ll be left to fend for yourself—as proven by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

There doesn’t even have to be a catastrophic event—EMP, asteroid, economic collapse, massive pandemic—for there to be long periods we’re forced to go without many of our everyday conveniences. Severe and extreme weather like hurricanes, winter storms and flooding has caused many communities to live without electricity for weeks…even months.

What is your plan when the supply chain dries up?

Unprepared folks will be desperate and quite possibly resort to desperate measures. You can give away or barter many items that others need if you stockpile enough important, as well as “luxury,” items.

The following list of 13 items is what every prepared prepper should stockpile.


If you had the room and money, this would be awesome. (REUTERS/Anis Mili)

Depending on the disaster, ammo will be worth more than anything but water and food. Even if you are not a firearm owner now, you can still stock up on ammo for trade or future use. It is hard to say how much is enough because in certain situations there will never be enough. Begin with 1,000 rounds of each of the most popular calibers—.223, 9mm and .22 LR.

Toilet Paper

Because using leaves or newspaper will get old.


Liquor of all sorts will be a highly sought-after commodity. For not only it’s sedative and stress-reducing qualities (in moderation) but it can help numb pain before medical procedures. Certain types of alcohol, like vodka, can be used to sterilize surgical tools and disinfect surfaces.


Coffee Beans is a smart thing to store for long-term

Besides our love of coffee, it provides plenty of health benefits. Drinking coffee can reduce the risk of certain types of cancer and diseases. Regular coffee drinkers are less depressed. Coffee also is most Americans’ prime source of antioxidants.

Over the Counter Medications

Stock up on pain relief, allergy, cold and flu and medicine for stomach ailments.

Fire Starting Tools

Food cooked at a campsite, especially over an open fire like on the 12 Survivors camping stove just tastes better!
You will need fire to heat and cook food and keep you warm.

Fire will be required to heat and cook food, as well as stay warm in winter. Cold temperatures can be deadly. Start collecting all types of fire-starting materials including fire starters, matches, lighters, tinder and firewood.


Batteries will be required to run your lights and entertainment. Stored at room temperature away from humidity, alkaline batteries have a 5- to 10-year shelf life.


Besides being a seasoning to make our food taste better, our bodies need salt to survive. Salted meats don’t need refrigeration. Using salt and water to make a saline solution can be used to clean wounds and help soothe a sore throat. Common table salt is best for these purposes.


Honey virtually stays good forever.

Honey virtually stays good forever, so it is a perfect shelf-stable food to store. It is a natural sweetener, boosts your immune system and has antibacterial properties.


It won’t take long to realize how much you miss basic hygiene items like facial moisturizer, lotion, chapstick, soap, sunscreen, cosmetics, shampoo and conditioner, feminine hygiene products, toothpaste and toothbrush.


Sugar is not only a sweetener for desserts and coffee, but you will need sugar to make homebrew alcohol. Sugar is used to make scrubs for exfoliating. Apparently, mixed with baking soda, you can kill cockroaches. You’d be amazed at what sugar can be used for!

Hard Cheese

Surprisingly, hard cheese encased properly in wax can last for up to 25 years.

When encased in wax properly, hard cheeses like parmesan can last up to 25 years. The wax seals in moisture but prevents mold. Store in mild to cool temperature.


Fuel in all its forms will be extremely high in demand. Not only gas for vehicles but butane, propane and kerosene to power camp stoves, gas grills and lanterns.

Other items you can stockpile for barter are chocolate, (though chocolate doesn’t have a long shelf life) tobacco products, books and games and baby needs like diapers and formula.

What do you think would be good to stockpile for long-term survival? Leave your list in the comment section.