Outlive and Outlast with 12 Survivors Paracord Survival Pod and Band

By 12survivors

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2016/11/21) – When off-grid adventures lead to dangerous situations, the 12 Survivors Paracord Survival Band (TS24001) and Paracord Survival Pod (TS24002) pack the tools to improve your odds of living to tell the story. Whether you face the challenges of finding food, starting a fire or building a shelter, the 12 Survivors Survival Band and Pod give you the upper hand with important tools.

Green, paracord survival pod with fishing kit, wire saw, fire starter, and other survival essentials
Inside the survival kit, you will find 30 pieces of essential survival gear.
Green, paracord survival bracelet with compass
14′ of durable paracord right at your fingertips. Don’t forget your paracord survival bracelet on your next outdoor adventure!

Featuring 14 ft. of paracord, strippable to 90 ft., the 12 Survivors Paracord Survival Band is a comfortable wristband intended to keep you alive when the unexpected arises. Along with the multipurpose paracord, the Survival Band features 17 more essential items to help you be better prepared when disaster strikes. To keep warm, cook food or boil water, the Paracord Survival Band offers a fire-starting kit with dried tinder and a flint. When your body needs to refuel, the fishing and snare kit with included line, weights, swivels, floats and hooks, dramatically expands potential food sources.

The 12 Survivors Paracord Survival Pod helps you improve the odds of surviving emergency situations with 30 vital items. The compact and lightweight Paracord Survival Pod is held together by 40 ft. of 7-strand paracord, strippable to 275 ft. Designed as a bracelet with a storage pod, this 2-in-1 kit includes a whistle, compass, paracord tether and carabiner for intense survival environments. Along with fishing and fire starter kits, the Survival Pod is packed with first aid pieces to protect from minor cuts and injuries. When disaster strikes, make sure you’re prepared with the 12 Survivors Paracord Survival Band and Pod.