Many Challenges. One Solution.

By 12survivors

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2014/02/04) – Combining versatility and strength, the 12 Survivors Multi-Tool provides a solution to any project. Whether it’s hiking, camping, hunting, working around the house or just an ordinary day at the office, 12 Survivors Multi-Tool has a tool for anything. The multi-tool includes: a small and large flathead screwdriver, a Phillips head screwdriver, a knife, a saw, needle nose pliers, a file, an awl and a can/bottle opener, complete with a nylon pouch and a snap button loop for easy attachment to additional gear.

Black multi tool
You’ll carry this multi-tool daily.

“I use the Multi-Tool daily and keep it attached to my pack for easy access,” said 12 Survivors Brand Manager Chris Kerschen. “The simple design and ease of use with this tool makes it perfect for almost anyone, and is a great alternative to carrying around a dozen or so full-size tools.”

Planning for a trip that has an element of the unknown is always difficult. 12 Survivors has taken the first step in saving space and keeping a full pack as lightweight as possible. The all-aluminum frame provides the strength to handle tough jobs, while the locking mechanism ensures the tool stays in the open position until the job is finished.