12 Survivors Launches New Hiking Accessories

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2015/09/14)Maximize your exploration adventures by using the new 12 Survivors GeoTrek Trekking Poles or GeoPath Hiking Staff. A twist lock mechanism, trekking basket support, and interior springs provide a powerful guide on any hike. Go farther, last longer and endure the extreme with these durable and lightweight hiking accessories.

Two trekking poles from 12 Survivors

The GeoTrek trekking poles help you hike any trail.

“By equipping the GeoTrek Trekking Poles and GeoPath Hiking Staff with integrated anti-shock springs, it really softens the vibration and shock transferred to your hands and arms,” said 12 Survivors Product Development Director Jonathan Horton. “These mechanisms are superior for long distance hikes, a feat traditional poles cannot accomplish.”

The 12 Survivors GeoPath Hiking Staff is a cutting-edge walking stick. Its custom foam grips and padded wrist loops add comfort and support to keep the adventure going. From everyday walking to tricky slopes, the GeoPath Hiking Staff is a must-have for the outdoor enthusiast and includes a carbide tip for even the most rugged terrain. Ranging from 25.75 to 52 inches, the GeoPath can easily adjust for any height.

The 12 Survivors GeoTrek Trekking Poles assist hikers conquering tenacious territory with five-inch custom rubber, no-slip grips and padded wrist loops for an extra foothold. Durable rubber tips can be removed to further exploration on rocky terrain with trekking baskets for even more stake. The twist lock mechanism adjusts to the perfect height ranging from 25.5 to 51.5 inches.

Outlast the desire to pack-it-in and accomplish additional milestones by trekking further and climbing to new heights. Make it happen and survive the daily adventures.

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